The Environmentally Friendly Choice
5100 Sulphur Lane, Lexington, KY 40509  -  (859)-263-4535  -
October - November

November Cutting Hours
Sat-Sun (16 -17)
9AM - Dark
Wed-Fri-Sat (27-29-30)
9AM - Dark

December Cutting Hours
9AM - Dark
3PM - Dark

If these times do not work for
you call Tom at 859-552-3532
for an appointment. We will
try to accommodate you.
  • Nieman's Tree Farm is
    located in the heart of the
    Bluegrass, Lexington,

  • At our tree farm we grow the
    Fraser Fir Christmas tree,
    judged the nation's best
    Christmas tree by the
    National Christmas Tree

  • We have several thousand    
    trees to choose from.
  • Many people from all over Kentucky have made it an annual tradition to come to
    Nieman's Tree Farm during the Christmas holiday season to choose their own perfect,
    fresh cut, Christmas tree.  
Welcome to Nieman's Tree Farm!